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Attract Your Picture Perfect Customer With Targeted Content Marketing

Whether you are an online nutrition business looking to sell a supplement, a fitness professional trying to attract potential clients towards your products and coaching, or a private healthcare practice seeking to build a solid base of patients, the end goal is ultimately the same:

Build, grow, and scale a selected audience of customers and clients who will happily and consistently pay good money for your products and services, over and over again.

Here's how I can help you make that happen...

I create high-quality blog posts that are specifically relevant to your target customer's deepest fears, needs and desires. This ensures that the content is both captivating and compelling. 

Then, through various outreach strategies, we take that same content and put it in front of two people: Your dream audience, and high-profile influencers who can attract a lot of traffic towards your website. 

However, traffic-getting strategies are a dime a dozen. 

The real challenge comes in creating attention-getting content that persuades people to read every single word from start to finish, and immediately act upon the information. 

See...if you end up being too professional, you lose out on the emotional appeal. The part that makes people interested enough in your content to read it, and rave about it to all of their friends and family.

Likewise, if you don't establish some level of credibility as a legit expert, people won't take action, nor will they feel like they got any true value from your content. 

The key to writing content that generates high-conversions is to achieve an optimal balance between the two. 

Hence my 3-part content marketing philosophy: 

  • Using the latest evidence-based research to provide customers with groundbreaking, science-backed information on solving common health problems 

  • Ensuring that content has a logical and smooth flow for an easy and effortless reading experience

  • Factual, unbiased perspectives that demonstrate your credibility and expertise

  • Quoting and interviewing world-renowned subject matter experts to build trust and authority amongst your audience 

  • Providing readers with actionable tips and tactics that can immediately applied to improve their health and vitality

  • Using simple & clear language to make reading your content FUN!

  • Destroying commonly held yet self-limiting myths and beliefs that impact the lives of your audience, allowing them to take action from a place of inspiration and joy

  • Targeting the critical pain points that your potential customers and clients experience on a daily basis to keep them emotionally engaged to your brand

  • Does the content actually PERFORM? Are people taking the desired action that you initially intended? Is the content attracting the RIGHT customers and clients to your business?

  • Whether that's attracting social media shares, generating higher conversions, building up your your email list, or increasing your bottom line, content has to deliver REAL RESULTS. Period.

  •  Data-driven insights and analysis will be used to adjust your content marketing strategy where necessary. You do more of what works and you discard what doesn't deliver


About Me

3 years ago, if you told me that I'd turn freelance copywriting into a viable career, I would have laughed. Well, fast forward to today and I cannot see myself doing anything else.


Through trial and error, I learned how to write persuasive, high-conversion copy for numerous clients across a diverse range of niches. White papers, email sequences, sales letters - you name it, I've done it. 

However, my true passion for the written word lies in the anti-aging and health optimization space.

With a Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a Certificate in Regulatory Affairs and a near-finished Master's in Experimental Medicine, I have been blessed to be equipped with the skills and the know-how to provide you with access to new, groundbreaking fact-checked research that gives you an information edge over your competition. 


My background in medical research ensures that when you use a clinical research report to add an interesting angle to your copy, I can ensure that you are accurately quoting it without removing context or omitting vital information. 

Additionally, I was also the main copyeditor for The Metabolic Blow Torch Diet and The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible, two #1 Amazon international best-sellers in the Men's Health niche. I was single-handedly responsible for rewriting both books to make them relatable and engaging for men from all walks of life. 

And having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government and academia, my multi-industry experience allows me to talk your language, and know all of the intricacies and inside jokes within your space. When people read your content, they'll nod and agree: "Yeah, THIS person is 'in the know' and gets it!"

You'll be the "breath of fresh air" in an oversaturated sea of generic competitors who talk and sound exactly the same. People will read your high-quality content and be relieved to have finally found someone who delivers the goods and teaches how one can truly optimize their health and their life for the better.

Here's what all of this means for you: You'll be able to "sell" without selling. You will be able to attract new loyal, paying customers who will become repeat buyers. 

That means less time spending long, miserable 80-hour work weeks trying to build your business, and more time spent serving people who love and appreciate what you do.

Does any of this sound interesting to you? If so, let's book a Discovery Call together so that we can see how I can serve you and help you grow your business.

Click on the "Book Your Consultation NOW" button below to get started!

Testimonials From My Clients

"Deep understanding of my customer's pain points"

"Without question, he is BY FAR the very best copywriter I have ever had the privilege to work with.


A single email from him boosted my Facebook group's growth from 50 per day to almost 400 overnight!


Thank you so much for OVER DELIVERING every time!”


- Jeremy McGilvrey, creator of InstaPro Academy and best-selling author of "Instagram Secrets"

"RELENTLESSLY dedicated to results"

"Tom is the one copywriter who I always know will go above and beyond for me.


He was there for me at every step of the way, and WOULD NOT STOP until I was happy with the results.


If you want to work with someone who delivers high-quality results on time, I cannot recommend Tom enough"


- Ben Pottinger, Website Optimization Specialist

"Incredible grasp of all things fitness and health"

"I look for three things whenever I hire a fitness copywriter: An thorough understanding of science, a relentless desire to deliver the best product possible, and the ability to write in a way that grabs eyeballs and pulls in the money.


Tom's one of the rare few I know who can pull off all 3, each and every time.


- Jay Campbell, #1 Amazon best selling author of “The Definitive TRT Manual" and "The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible”



This is a bonus chapter that I wrote for a recently released book called "The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet".


It discusses how to use food and training to achieve optimal cognition and peak mental performance for enhanced productivity.

A published scientific paper where I was a co-author along my supervisor.


I was responsible for experimental design, methodology, and the scientific writing that would eventually be used in the paper.

This ebook was written for an international fitness model who wanted to educate her clients on the importance of proper nutrition for maximum health while pregnant.


Book A FREE Consultation

My #1 priority as a freelance copywriter is to ensure that (1) I can help you build and grow your business, and (2) we are going to be a good fit for working with each other. 

To do so, I like to offer potential clients a 15-30 minute "Discovery Call", free of charge.

This is a high-value service where you and I will talk over the phone and discuss where your business is currently at. 

Through a series of guiding questions, we will dive deep into your business and figure what's working, what isn't working and what your future goals are. 


With a full and complete understanding of your present circumstances, you will be offered some solutions and strategies that will help you accelerate the growth of your business through high-quality blog post creation. 

No matter where you are, whether you're struggling or succeeding, I want to make sure that you walk away from the call with some ideas that you can immediately implement to see meaningful results. 

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, scroll down and book a Discovery Call right now! 


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